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A safe space to talk.

Starting at the top

Wellbeing in the workplace starts at the top. The tone, culture and working reality. We engage and facilitate conversations with those who lead culture development within businesses, mainly leadership, to bring attention to what's working and where incremental changes would be most impactful. 

All of our team are here to listen, support and offer tools and techniques that are tailored to each individual. We put our clients in the driving seat of their experience. We offer formal and informal touch points with one goal in mind - engagement at the right time in the right way! 

A keen focus on health

At We11 Ones we focus on the power of using physical and mental health tools available to us all. It's no secret that mental and physical health are intertwined which we utilise in our approach. If not ready to work on one we can utilise the other, or perhaps even both!

Your own team

We create bespoke We11 Ones teams dedicated to clients. One of our core values in engagement and for this we require the trust that is built on consistency. Once we introduce our team to yours, you'll have plenty of time to get to know one another! 

Leveraging our time and tech

There when it matters

Challenging life experiences can leave us feeling stuck at certain points of our lives. In order to move forward, we may need to slow down, turn inward, reflect and gain some new perspectives. This can be difficult in busy times and our team creates creates a safe space for clients to do this in an effective way. 

We consciously leverage technology without eroding value creating a convenient, effective and private experience. We leverage our time with the use of group work and by setting up clients to further their development using additional resources that does not require direct coaching time.

What you'll be getting

A workforce that feels genuinely cared for, supported, healthy, more engaged, more creative and higher performing. 

A business better able to retain high performing talent by creating a community of people who feel actively appreciated and valued.

Employees who feel good & perform well

We look forward to working closely with you to deliver value and provide effective solutions that get utilised. 

As a trusted external service provider we remove the barriers that make wellbeing difficult to navigate and talk about internally.

Collaboration with wellbeing professionals

A workforce that are able to care for themselves can support others and will be stronger in all other aspects. 

A community of people who come together stronger

When both the business and it's community of people can win, why would you chose any other way?

Support is essential. We live busy and stressful lives, perpetuated by our work. It would be responsible for businesses to consider the demands it places on it's people and offer a solution. 

Why pick any other way?




- An assigned & dedicated community team
- A We11 Ones led, weekly senior team culture check-in 
- Dedicated 1-to-1 coaching call availability
- 2 x 30 minute weekly movement solutions
- A bi-weekly 30 minute drop-in knowledge share
- E-mail follow up for each 1-to-1 call
- Personalised company booking page
- Kick-off launch event
- Active audience engagement throughout
- A well integrated wellbeing solution

Option 1 - Wellness Engagement

Option 2 - Wellness Subscription

- Access to book 1-to-1 coaching calls (Open calendars only)
- A We11 Ones led, weekly senior team culture check-in 
- Personalised booking page
- Kick-off launch email
- An trusted accessible wellbeing service 

Option 3 - Events and workshops

- 1 to 3 day workshops
- Organisation of wellbeing focused company events / days