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Certified nutrition coach

Certified mobility coach

Certified personal trainer

Roshan Chhatralia

Health & Stress

Roshan is a Certified Nutrition coach, Personal Trainer and Mobility coach. Roshan has always had an avid interest in health and has realised how inadequate our education is in preparing us for the long term care of it. He was a sports man growing up and today takes pride in coaching others to take on a much deeper and fulfilling health journey. Having spent a decade practicing as a CA in the finance world, he understands the corporate environment well and the challenges it bring to managing ones health.

"Good health benefits you and the people around you too. It's not selfish, it's smart."

Holistic approach 

Behavioural change

Movement enthusiast

Life coach

Grief specialism

ICF ACC accreditation


Life & Grief coach

Niamh is a Certified Life Coach who has specialised training in grief and mental health coaching. She understands the struggles of stress, overwhelm and self-doubt and helps her clients to feel calmer, more focused, and more confident in their ability to manage life’s challenges with ease. She has a developmental coaching style, so her clients get results and build skills and habits that last beyond the coaching relationship. Niamh has over a decade of experience and uses mindfulness and somatic practices to complement her work with clients.

"Turning inward can open up your outward. It's important we make time to work on ourselves"

Empathic approach 

Keen traveller

Deep work enthusiast

Personal trainer 

Mental health aider

Church volunteer

Wilson adu ntow


Wilson is church and suicide prevention volunteer (at The Listening Place). Wilson is encouraged by the immense value just simply talking about your feelings and emotions brings - especially when there is some who cares listening. Wilson is also a keen sports man. Growing up he was a junior GB sprinter, National American football player, semi-pro footballer and keen boxer. 

"No matter how bad it is or how grey it gets, I can get through this."

Community supporter

Keen sports man

Empathic listener

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